There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

Ross & Leslie Hall


Senior Advisors

Sandpoint, ID

  • Purpose:  To be and do what we’re called to be and do 
  • Accomplishments:  KEEPING THE FAITH - our prized possession
    50+ years of an event-filled married life and strong family partnership
    40+ years of impact through social entrepreneurship within enduring partnerships
    40+ years of waterfront development for public uses.
    10+ years of involvement to better the community 
  • Passion:  Doing transformation @ the speed of LIFE
    Building a global business @ the speed of LIGHT 


Bill Kelley


The Maximizer

Cave Creek, AZ

  • Purpose: To mentor and coach the next generation of entrepreneurs. 
  • Accomplishments: Seasoned systems professional with over 30 years of corporate, consulting and small business ownership. I am certified in project management,  numerous technical skill sets including several programming languages and cloud technologies. 
  • Passion: Classic cars, connecting with people, mentoring and coaching and surrounding myself with people smarter than I am. 

Fran Kelley


The Includer

Cave Creek, AZ

  • Purpose: To lead a team to greatness by owning our own businesses and our own lives. We will accomplish this by following the examples of the ones that went before us and we will be the link to the ones that arrive after us. 
  • Accomplishments: I have over 20 years of knowledge and experience in Corporate America, working for major corporations such as; American Express, IBM and Vanguard. I currently own and operate an accounting/bookkeeping business. My educational background includes an MBA in Business and teacher's license. 
  • Passion: "With all of my acquired knowledge, experience and wisdom, I want to show the next generation how to live a great life."  


Dion Baker


 Aggressive Patience 

Oakland, CA

  • Purpose:  Empowering and inspiring others to live to their potential
  • Accomplishments:   Dion was technical lead at the office of the president for a major ISP for more than ten years and now works at a leading engineering firm in San Francisco. Dion is a husband and father, married to Cathy Baker for over 30 years. He has been a professional musician, and served as the CFO for a Bay Area non -profit for over six years. He has shown both mental and physical grit by becoming an accomplished martial artist, achieving his black belt degree in 2018. 
  • Passion:  "My passion today is empowering and inspiring today’s youth to reach their personal and professional potential."

Jeff Daniels


The Strategic Achiever

Hawaiian Gardens, CA

  • Purpose: To transform the world by empowering people 
  • Accomplishments: An accomplished Avionics engineering consultant, a 30 year career which has included receiving a technical achievement award and leading technical teams of multi-disciplined engineers.  
  • Passion: "My passion is to add value as a coach and mentor to others in pursuit of their dreams."

Paula Daniels


The Positive Connector

Hawaiian Gardens, CA

  • Purpose: To transform the world by empowering people 
  • Accomplishments: A retired computer science engineer and soon to be retired home-school mom of 4 sons.  Now a full time entrepreneur majoring in empowering the next generation. 
  • Passion: "What I am really excited about, is paying it forward by helping young moms get free to design the life they want."

Priscilla Harlins


The Practical Spiritual Connector

Oakland, CA

  • Purpose:  A friend once said, “Priscilla has the most loving laugh”.  Priscilla’s purpose is to share love, encouragement and wisdom with the next generation so that they can strive to be all that they were created to be. 
  • Accomplishments:  Priscilla has been married for 38 years and has raised four children. She spent 30 years in the corporate world as a connector and relationship builder in the computer technology field.  
  •  Love: Connecting with people of all nationalities and backgrounds while sharing wisdom and positivity to inspire others to live with joy and passion to help them be a better version of themselves. She is a woman of faith and a mighty prayer warrior who encourages others to live and enjoy life to the fullest. Priscilla has a steadfast peacefulness that gives people belief. She has a heart that touches every person she looks at and meets.  
  • Passion: "My passion is to see the next generation rise to their God-given potential." 

Martha Hutchinson


Health & Fitness Professional

Cardiff by the Sea, CA

  • Purpose:  To help others achieve a life of optimal health that will allow them to live a life of freedom, achieve their highest potential and impact the world. 
  • Accomplishments:   As a single mother, I have raised five children; two of whom were professional athletes.  I have had my own health and fitness business for over sixteen years and now use that experience to coach and mentor young entrepreneurs. I helped develop the Women's Business Channel and led teams of men and women to achieve record high weight loss goals.  
  • Passion: "I am passionate about opening the gateway to freedom for those who seek a life of wholeness and prosperity." 

Andy & Kim Nida


The Professional Protectors

Placerville, CA

  • Purpose:  Intentionally put forth a deliberative effort each day to make a positive impact on the world.   
  • Andy and Kim have served in the military and law enforcement. They enjoy coaching and mentoring youth. Their greatest accomplishment is raising their two teenage sons and watching them pursue freedom. 
  • Passion: "We are passionate about helping others become achievers, eager to be the shoulders for others to stand on as they pursue their dreams."

Renee Skerry


The Go-Giver

Santa Cruz, CA


  • Purpose:  To live freely, joyfully, peacefully - and impact my sphere of influence with the keys to do the same. 
  • Achievements: Established over 60 dynamic neighborhood organizations by engaging members of a diverse and progressive community with the goal of improving their quality of life. Developed and directed child and adult “Arts in the Community” and other programs. Providing expertise in digital online training and development forums. 
  • Passion: To help the next generation break free from the culture of debt. Debt doesn't have to be a way of life! 

Joe & Denise Stevenson


The Encouragers

San Leandro, CA

  • Purpose: To help people maximize their dreams. 
  • Accomplishments: Joe operates an accounting practice where he has provided services to small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals for 30 plus years. 
  • Passion: "We are passionate about people becoming free, financially and mentally and having the opportunity to live the life of their choice."

Bonnie Terk


Creative & Digital Designer

Menifee, CA

  • Purpose: To give people the opportunity to have an opportunity for a maximized life.
  • Accomplishments: Bonnie has had a multi-faceted career that has included education, bookkeeping, writing,  book cover design & editing, virtual business, creative design and Executive Board Member of a non-profit public charity, all while raising a large family. 
  • Passion: To help people become "Unfrazzled" in the stressful areas of their life.

Dave Terk


Sales & Entrepreneurship

Menifee, CA

  • Purpose: To share wisdom and experiences with the younger generation and help them  maximize their potential.
  • Accomplishments: Dave is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. After serving in the Air Force, Dave settled in Southern California where he ventured into the entrepreneurial world and started a flooring business. He eventually became the owner of a franchised restaurant, which was one of the highest volume locations in Southern California. 
  • Passion: "I am passionate about building confidence in people to help them move beyond their limitations."


Bill & Sue Barker



Greeley, CO

  • Purpose:  To share the truth of God and be a living witness of His presence in my life.  
  • Accomplishments:  Pastor, Evangelist, Actor, Artist, Guitarist, Horseman, Pilot, Race Car Driver, Recording Artist, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather. 
  • Passion: "Investing my life, through encouragement and direction, into the lives of those who are hungry for truth and a brighter future."

Gary Hubbard


Executive Trainer

Littleton, CO

  • Purpose:  To empower the next generation of leaders through an experience of Real World Business Education.  
  • Accomplishments: Gary is a diversified sales executive trainer, coach and speaker focusing on team leadership. He has been termed a business developer and strategic thinker in leading corporations from aviation, aerospace and major health care. Married almost 40 years raising up a family of servant leaders.  
  • Passion: To reach young leaders globally, seeking their own cultural transformation.   

Faye Pepin


Legacy Builder

Castle Rock, CO

  • Purpose: To help people flourish in their own optimal life. 
  • Accomplishments: Single mother and grandmother with a long career in Parks and Recreation management. Transitioned to Health, Wellness and Business Development in physical, mental and financial living. 
  • Passion:  "I am passionate about leaving a legacy for my children and grandchildren. I would love to help others do the same."


Alice Saddler


  Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.), Adventurer 

Tampa, FL


  • Purpose: To pay forward into the success of others with the principles learned from masters. 
  • Accomplishments:  Single Mother of three sons, all now adults. Two sons are Business Owners, one son is in the US Marine Corps, having achieved the rank of Corporal in 28 months, returned from Okinawa to Cherry Point, North Carolina. Alice is the Master of the win-win as a Nationally recognized Combat Veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm, the Officer-in-Charge of the XVIII Airborne Corps Rear Area Operations Center Signals, inspiring each individual soldier with a personal visit to their signal rig after every Iraqi SCUD Missile attack. She served on the Army Staff Pentagon directing strategic level Hurricane Katrina Recovery, and relating Issues affecting Soldiers in Iraq Afghanistan and other Global engagements to the Secretary of the Army. Defense Consultant in the Intelligence Community and CEO of a Defense Acquisition and Emergency Management firm. Active in Community Groups for Veterans, Children, and the Homeless. Alice continues Scholarly studies not only in the Mentorship Program of World Wide Group, but also as a Doctor of Sensemaking and reduction of Chaos in Organizations as an Organizational Development practitioner. Alice earned a Masters of Science in Systems Management from University of Southern California, a second Masters of Science in Leadership, Disaster Response, & Executive Fire Management from Grand Canyon University, and is a Certified Project Manager under the Federal Acquisition Regulations. 
  • Passion: "It's not work. It's not a struggle. It's a new vision that gives you the perspective to conquer that which previously held you hostage." 

Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota & MONTANA

Ed Good


Construction Industry 

Darby, MT

  •  Purpose: To create an awareness for dreamers of their potential to have a lifetime of unlimited opportunities.
  • Accomplishments: Ed is an Army Veteran. He has 40 years in construction that encompassed both commercial and residential projects that developed a bevy of skills of adapting quickly. As president and CEO, he has spent the last 17 years developing Diamond k Enterprises, an online e-commerce business offering opportunities for forward thinking entrepreneurs. His ethics are of the highest caliber, and his character is strengthened by a caring spirit. 
  • Passion: Ed leads from the heart embracing vision and empathy toward those seeking to find a solution for their needs. He is passionate about helping the younger generation elevate their skills and become successful, ethical, debt-free business owners. 

Karen Good CFRM, CNEL


Healthcare CEO  
Darby, MT

  • Purpose: Dedication to developing strong e-commerce businesses that focus on faith, family and the free enterprise option. 
  • Accomplishments: 30-year career in the nonprofit arena before the pursuit of entrepreneurship and the freedom lifestyle; Certified in Executive Leadership, and the 2017 Outstanding Fundraising Professional - Sacramento Region; founder and CFO of Diamond k Enterprises since 2002, an eCommerce business serving the Northwest with varied opportunities for freedom.
  • Passion: Through a servant-leader mindset, Karen is excited about offering guidance for personal growth plans and specialized mentorship for women. 

Rick Heeren


Transformation Expert

Bloomington, MN

  • Purpose: Initiating new transformation prototypes throughout the world.
  • Accomplishments: Author of four books, including The Elk River Story, Thank God It's Monday, The Threshing Floor and Marketplace Miracles. Rick is a popular international public speaker. He has been on the Corporate Executive Team of Transform Our World for 26 years. He has also spent 25 years as a business executive in the USA. Rick and Rachel are celebrating 40 wonderful years of marriage in 2019.
  • Passion: Making presentations which impart a father's heart to young people. Encouraging young married couples to experience the joy of being married and raising children.

Ben Like


Active Disruptor

Washington D.C. Area

  • Purpose:  To challenge and encourage young entrepreneurs to think disruptively about the marketplace and how money is made. 
  • Accomplishments:  Ben's background is in engineering geology and vibrations in construction. He is analytical, with a heart to help people restore and improve their lives. 
  • Passion: "We are aligning Emotional Intelligence with youthful energy in order to have a lasting, positive impact on the world. "

Laura Like


 Thoughtful Disruptor

Washington D.C. Area

  • Purpose: My purpose is to challenge and encourage young entrepreneurs to think disruptively about the marketplace and how money is made." 
  • Accomplishments:  Coming from a Graduate degree in Parent-Child Nursing, Laura has always been a teacher and empathetic nurturer. For 20 years she has applied these skills to successful online business development. She is a public speaker, blogger, and has published on LinkedIn. 
  • Passion:  Aligning Emotional Intelligence with youthful energy in order to have a lasting, positive impact on the world. 

Ann Sigsby


 Research Expert and Connector 

Coleman, MI

  • Purpose:  My purpose in life is to usher young adults into mentoring experiences, connecting them with the people and resources for equipping them to become transformational leaders. 
  • Accomplishments: As a certified information professional, I’ve assisted corporate leaders with making crucial decisions. Personal milestones include pioneering unique music and equestrian events, and assisting my  husband write nine successful books. 
  • Passion: Guiding young people along a strategic path to success and global impact for good brings music to my heart. 

Oregon & Washington

Dr. Chuck Goldberg


 The Wellness Doctor

Portland, OR

  • Purpose: "To Help People Flourish"
  • Accomplishments: Wellness practice, Standard Medical practice, Allopathic Dr., Holistic Clinic including Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy & Massage. Founder of Better Life Northwest, Better Life Southwest
  • Passion: To bring America back to its roots through business and empowering people to be in charge of their own lives through the financial independence rewards available to those willing to work for it.

Gwen Goldberg


 PHD Entrepreneur

Portland, OR

  •  Purpose: My purpose is to help people  of all generations become aware of financial and lifestyle options that they may not have even known existed. 
  • Accomplishments:  After  receiving a psychology PhD and working in the research psychology field, I learned to feed my heart and empower others through collaborative  entrepreneurship.  
  • Passion: "My passion is to impact people by helping them create abundance in every area of their lives so that they will want to pay it forward." 

Larry Haggard


The Accountant

Portland, OR

  • Purpose:  To help others develop their leadership skills 
  • Accomplishments:  30+ years in accounting with a local utility and 15+ years of entrepreneurship.
  • Passion: "Showing others how to build wealth & live the life they dream of living, instead of settling for mediocrity."  

Theresa Haggard


The Other Accountant

Portland, OR

  • Purpose : To help people make wise life choices 
  • Accomplishments: 30+ years of corporate experience in information technology and accounting. 
  • Passion: "My passion is to impact others and mentor them to make wise choices in all areas of their life." 

Patricia Jackson


 Advocate for NEXT GEN

Portland, OR

  • Purpose:  To empower future generations of young talent through mentorship, coaching and the means to fulfill their economic potential. 
  • Accomplishments: From wife and mother, to Television Broadcasting, to an esteemed Entrepreneurial Collaborative, my accomplishments have always been centered around young adults. My greatest work is helping them achieve their goals, realize their dreams, and live their best lives. 
  • Purpose: "Equipping NEXT GEN with financial solutions relevant for the times they live in." 

Sue Thoens


Social Entrepreneur

Bend, OR

  • Purpose: Empowering people to live a life filled with hope, purpose, and compassion. 
  • Accomplishments: I had a very successful corporate career in business development, sales, and sales management and have owned 3 small businesses. My greatest accomplishment is having raised two amazing daughters who are each impacting the world in their own way. 
  • Passion: "I am passionate about paying it forward in business and in life with the next generation by empowering them to live a life of purpose built on their values."

Ian & Judy Garbutt


Business Consulting and Mentoring 

Camas, WA

  • Purpose:  Judy’s Purpose is to enrich the lives of others through advocacy; Ian’s purpose is to help others maximize their potential. 
  • Accomplishments:  Ian transitioned from engineering to sales to executive management in high tech. He is now a strategic business consultant. Judy is an accomplished singer and artist, and had her own children’s theater group. She has had a career in government and private sector businesses. 
  • Passion:  Ian - “I want to work with you to develop your thinking capacity”. Judy - “I want to encourage you to find a greater future." 


Ifetayo Moore Griffith


Lone Star Leader

Houston, TX

  • Purpose:  Dedicated to serving as a connector between those who aspire to be their best and those qualified and capable of helping you achieve your goals and beyond. 
  • Accomplishments:  Married mom of 1 with over 18 years experience as a business owner and dentist 
  • Passion: "I am passionate about the compounding effect of adding value daily, if only through a healthy smile."